Hi! You're beginning to understand it, I love music. I listen to it 24/7. So I thought, why not do yet another article on songs? So let's go for a 30 songs tag :)

โ€• A song with a color in it

aesthetic, coffee, and drink image aesthetic, blue, and white image Image removed fashion, girls, and jacuzzi image
Blue Caravan - Vienna Teng

โ€• A song with a number in it

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed aesthetic, makeup, and model image beach, aesthetic, and ocean image
4AM - Eric Nam

โ€• A song that reminds me of summertime

aesthetic, bts, and orange image aesthetic image aesthetic, bts, and orange image orange, jimin, and aesthetic image
Flesh without Blood - Grimes

โ€• A song that reminds me of someone I wish to forget

aesthetic, pastel, and pink image aesthetic, pink, and flowers image blue, pink, and cute image aesthetic, archive, and pink image
Underwater - MIKA

โ€• A song to play at full volume

green, stairs, and neon image Image by ยฟ? green, anime, and aesthetic image aesthetic, green, and car image
Hellevator - Stray Kids

โ€• A song to dance to

aesthetic image aesthetic and theme image black and fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and police image
MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) [Full Length Edition] - BTS

โ€• A song to drive to

lana del rey and nails image aesthetic, gold, and alternative image aesthetics, soft, and sparkle image lana del rey, quotes, and unusual image
Ride - Lana Del Rey

โ€• A song about bad shit... basically

Abusive image billie eilish, billie, and eilish image Image removed anxiety, xanax, and happypills image
xanny - Billie Eilish

โ€• A song that makes me happy

header and aesthetic image bts, jimin, and park jimin image cat, animal, and kitten image aesthetic, flowers, and minimal image
Anpanman - BTS

โ€• A song that makes me sad

Temporarily removed gif, totoro, and anime image girl, blue, and ocean image alternative, grunge, and quotes image
ํ˜ผ์ž Nobody knows - GOT7

โ€• A song that I'll never get tired of

Temporarily removed Image by ๐–™๐–†๐–Š๐–๐–ž๐–š๐–“๐–Œ bts and suga image aesthetic, black, and dark image

โ€• A 70's song

Temporarily removed yellow, blue, and tumblr image yellow, aesthetic, and bed image yellow image
Dancing Queen - ABBA

โ€• A song to play at my wedding

bts and namjoon image Image removed aesthetic, white, and cat image milk, white, and aesthetic image
moonchild - RM

โ€• A cover

classy, glamorous, and hair image building, pale, and grunge image aesthetic, pale, and soft image clothes and fashion image
Crazy in Love (feat. Leah Kelly) - Eden Project

โ€• A song that's a classic

aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image jeans, aesthetic, and blue image guitar, aesthetic, and vintage image sad and songs image
i'm so tired... - Lauv, Troye Sivan

โ€• A song I'd sing in a duet

Temporarily removed tumblr image window, vintage, and photography image ghostly image
lovely (with Khalid) - Billie Eilish

โ€• A song that makes me think about life

grunge and black image love, couple, and aesthetic image aesthetic, black, and dark image light, aesthetic, and dark image
forever rain - RM

โ€• A meaningful song

theme, aesthetic, and art image Temporarily removed quotes, nature, and see image girl, blonde, and aesthetic image

โ€• A song with a person's name in it

grunge, aesthetic, and black image girl, art, and black and white image cat and cyber image fire, blue, and grunge image
Simon Says - NCT 127

โ€• A song that makes me move forward

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed alternative, art, and fuck image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

โ€• A song that everyone should listen to

pink, pastel, and aesthetic image theme, blue, and sky image aesthetic, pink, and tumblr image pink, aesthetic, and pastel image
Oxygen - Jackson Wang

โ€• A song by a band I wish was still together

flowers, aesthetic, and pink image pastel image Temporarily removed clothing, pastel, and pink image

โ€• A song by an artist who is no longer alive

fashion and kfashion image aesthetic, black, and vans image blazer, clothes, and crisp image waves, ocean, and sea image

โ€• A song that makes me want to fall in love

quotes, pink, and words image cherry, aesthetic, and pink image hearts, pink, and aesthetic image kpop, cosmic girls, and wjsn image
Love - Lana Del Rey

โ€• A song that breaks my heart

rainbow, sky, and nature image sky, rainbow, and clouds image Temporarily removed rainbow, art, and aesthetic image
The Village - Wrabel

โ€• A song by an artist who's voice I love

bts, rm, and namjoon image aesthetic, couple, and quotes image Temporarily removed aesthetic, vibe, and beach image
tokyo - RM

โ€• A song from childhood

money, rich, and green image aesthetic, sea, and ocean image grunge, alternative, and city image aesthetic, grey, and pale image
Gypsy Woman - Anarbor

โ€• A song that reminds me of myself

blue, grunge, and hands image girl, grunge, and aesthetic image grunge, aesthetic, and blue image flowers, rose, and blue image
listen before i go - Billie Eilish

โ€• Softest song

wallpaper, galaxy, and purple image background, wallpaper, and beautiful image purple, city, and light image purple, sky, and tumblr image
Ugly - Nicole Dollanganger

โ€• Hardest song

horror, manga, and anime image red, blood, and aesthetic image blood, dead, and death image Temporarily removed
BTS Cypher 4 - BTS

That's all, thank you for reading, and have a good listening!

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