• create outfits
aesthetic, blue, and clothes image Temporarily removed
school outfits and you may need to think about your 1st day's outfit from now ;)
  • appreciate the summer
bike, friends, and summer image beach, summer, and sunset image
you can look back at your camera roll or make a summer memos by Imovie
  • get cute school supplies
aesthetic image backpack, fjallraven kanken, and school things image
you can get em online before back to school & it helps to get motivated
  • deep clean your closet & desk
Temporarily removed home image
it's a nice thing for a fresh start
  • make goals for your new school year
study, book, and school image girl, friends, and grunge image
like hours of studying & plans
  • declutter to refresh
Image removed Temporarily removed
clean your camera roll from an-needed photos also your closet by giving away or selling clothes you don't need anymore
  • work on yourself
Temporarily removed bananas, healthy, and breakfast image
by creating a healthy lifestyle
  • get motivated for back to school
watch videos about school
  • create a playlist
autumn, fall, and music image Temporarily removed
for studying or for just for fall
  • binge watching Netflix
Temporarily removed netflix, stranger things, and white image
cuz you may not be too free for movies over the school year

Hope you liked it ;) !!!! <3<3<3