[and they're all by beautiful women]

these albums/ eps are beautiful, they will melt your heart, make you cry, they'll make you dance and they will give your brain some pretty words to make your life better, or significantly hurt you because they hit that spot. These ladies are talented and have beautiful words.

your ears will never be the same, neither will your heart

Immunity - Clairo

clairo and claire cottrill image
I sobbed my tear ducts dry, her lyrics shot me and I need holding

Love Worm - Beabadoobee

girl, 90s, and vintage image
Bea has permission to punch me in the face if she pleases, this EP is rad and so fucking beautiful, it makes me feel warm

Fire on Marzz - Benee

indie, music, and benee image

WILLOW - Willow

willow smith image
oh my god. yes. it's art.

Golden Hour - Kacey Musgraves

beautiful, classy, and country image
I smile big I just luv the woman

Interlude - UMI

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her music just envelopes me with nostalgia and happiness, it's like a blanket of happy

Slow Motion - cehryl

cehryl image
hold me. dry my tears.

Chapter 1 - Girl in Red

bisexual, gay, and lesbian image
love of my life. this EP is everything. every song she makes I will be on my knees for her.

In the Sky - Mallrat

music and mallrat image
DANCE DANCE CRY CRY this is angel activity spotted.

Make My Bed - King Princess

prophet, king princess, and mikaela image
SHE OWNS ME and this is absolutely the savior of the music industry, new music coming soon and that is going to be the serve of the century

there are so so many albums by talented women in the world that I could talk about for a long time, this is only a sprinkle but they are here because they are literal art

...said art is sprinkled through every playlist if you want the pretty stuff :