The process of learning to accept your past, yourself and you future will not happen overnight. But, there are many things you can do in your daily life to help yourself move forward in this process everyday.

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This is a quote I tell myself everyday. My past is full of trauma, substance abuse, self-injury, bad people and ultimately me struggling to find who I am and why I am here. Instead of dwelling, holding on, and letting your past control you, take your power back your past isn't now and your future is what's ahead of you not you're past.

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Sometimes the first step is willingness to get out of bed, for others it may be the willingness to forgive someone so you can move on, you must do it for yourself so you can move on, if you do not do it for yourself you'll never regain your power. Willingness if Key in the process of accepting your past, now , the future and yourself.

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Do not let people in the past, present or future consume and control you. You have the freedom of choice, you are a human being not a puppet for them to entertain themselves with. Something you can do is write a list down of people who are in your life, write them all down and then group them into three groups. the first group write people that truly love and care for you, the second put in a group write people that you go to for specific support (Only specific things like love life, family life or for help) and in the third group, write down the negative, controlling, nonsupporting people in your life (some people will be in the middle).

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Do not try to control how you feel let it happen and let it go, do not hold onto it. Maybe you are clinging to love you felt that someone gave you but, they no longer love you it's ok to be sad, it's ok to be mad let your feelings flow and then learn what you can do to let go. One important thing everyone, it's ok to not be ok, it takes a strong person to ask for help and it's always ok to ask for help.

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The first step I've taken in my acceptance journal was I asked for help, I had the willingness to tell someone that i wasn't ok and I needed help. They helped me, I was hospitalized and am now in treatment making progress everyday to healing and learning to accept my past, present situation and my future.

If I can do this you can. Do something for yourself, it's not selfish it's caring to others because if you cannot take care and love yourself you cannot return that to others, without feeling emotionally drained, depressed and used. Do this for you, not anyone else be your motivation to accept and move forward.

I believe in you you can do it! I challenge you to set a goal today and complete it, it can be as simple as getting out of bed, cleaning something, going for a walk. Thank you for reading this I appreciate it very much I wish all of you luck on your goals today!