Hey guys!

So I was scrolling through my WeHeartIt feed and I saw someone do this tag called the #FindYourHalf tag. I really wanted to do it so here it is! :)

If you want to be friends, you can send me a postcard, or add me on instagram or snapchat! My username is woutervdwit on both! Maybe it'd be a cool idea if we made a groupchat on Instagram or Snapchat and talk about our interests.
Now let's get into the tag.

♡ - My name is Wouter.

♡ - I am a boy.

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♡ - I am going to be a Freshman in College upcoming year.

♡ - My major is Graphic Design and I am very excited, but also quiet nervous.

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♡ - I am 15 years old (I know I'm very young for college.)

♡ - I am born and raised in the Netherlands, my favourite city is Amsterdam.

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♡ - I love to play games on pc.

♡ - I love photography and art, painting to be exact.

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♡ - I love going to concerts, this year I will see Ariana Grande and girl in red live in Amsterdam.

♡ - I am a Libra.

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♡ - My favourite food is pizza, I love to get take-out Domino's on a Saturday night.

♡ - I love watching Netflix, my favourite shows are The 100, Scream and Stranger Things. My all time favourite movie is Clueless

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♡ - I love fashion.

♡ - I like to travel, I have been to several places in Europe, but never outside of it. I've been to Croatia, Italy, Norway, England, Switzerland and plenty more.

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that was my article! thank you for reading!
if you want to contact me, you can send a postcard or add me on instagram/snapchat (woutervdwit)

also, let me know if I should make that groupchat. :)

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