Welcome back to another article in the Summer health series. I hope you are enjoying my content so far. I will be posting my article today instead of tomorrow because I will be having a busy day tomorrow and I didn't want to skip this Saturday's article.

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Today I am going to be talking about 5 habits you can add to your morning that will take your health to the next level. I did my best to keep it original because sometimes these habits can become repetitive. So let us start.

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Habit 1- Drink a glass of apple cider vinegar water with your breakfast

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I suggest starting of with a higher water to apple cider vinegar ratio, then increase the vinegar as you go. At first, it will taste horrible to some but with time I actually got used to the taste and really love it. This has a magnitude of health benefits from helping in weight loss and clear skin. Get curious and search for its benefits online, you will be surprised. Ps will have an article on all its benefits later on in this series, so stay tuned for that.

Habit 2- Ditch the morning sugars for a healthy balanced meal.

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How many of you take sugary loaded cereals for breakfast. I was guilty of this for so long. Instead opt for a balanced breakfast, for instance, I now enjoy scrambled eggs on toast with some fruit on the side. I also make sure to add as many superfoods to my breakfast, for example, olive oil and chia seeds. This provides me with the healthy fats my body needs to thrive as well as satisfies my taste buds thus keeps me full and satiated for longer.

Habit 3 - Skip the early morning coffee and switch to green tea

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I know this tip is not for everyone. But I suggest you give it a try. Since I cut my coffee I feel so much calmer and green tea helps you stay focused and alert without the jitters. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants and some even say it aids in weight loss. It is also proven that green tea helps maintain a regular blood sugar level. Have I convinced you yet? If not go and do some research of your own, you will be amazed by all that green tea can do for you. If you don't like its bitter taste you can add some honey to sweeten it up. Find what works for you, you can even get flavored green tea if that is what you fancy.

Habit 4 - Get your morning dose of sunlight.

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Especially if you work from home, you are not getting enough sun exposure. The sun rays have many health benefits and they are also capable of lifting your mood. Moreover getting your morning dose of sunlight will help with regulating a healthy circadian rhythm that will help you feel energized during the day and at ease at night. Go out on your front porch or take your coffee in your backyard or patio . If you live in a flat you might go and sit in the balcony or go out for a 10-minute walk. Believe me, this makes a huge difference, usually, I like to read a little on the roof and soak in that sunshine right after my workout. This also helps my muscles relax and help me feel at ease all day.

Habit 5 - Journal

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All that clutter in our mind can get heavy at times so why not unload it on paper. I used to hate journalling and saw it as a chore but as I started doing it more often, it became effortless and it is surprising how clearing it feels and how it helps you solve problems efficiently. Try it yourself, give yourself the challenge to write daily for a week and see if it works for you, I bet you it will. And don't give up if it is tricky at first, give yourself time, be patient with yourself and you will eventually get results.

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These are my 5 habits, I hope you enjoyed this article and you are willing to give some of these habits a try. As with most things, consistency is key here. Choose which habit you want to implement and then be committed to it, day in and day out until it starts to feel natural and it becomes part of your daily routine.

Ty for taking the time to read this article,
love you all