Based on:

O1. Color

yellow, happy, and quotes image yellow, aesthetic, and sunglasses image Image removed lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image
Yellow 💛

O2. Animal

gif and horse image horse, animal, and flowers image

O3. Season

flowers, wallpaper, and tree image flowers, house, and home image Temporarily removed pink, bee, and flowers image

O4. Plant/Flower

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

O5. Tree

forest, cold, and nature image nature, forest, and tree image

O6. Element

grunge, skate, and skateboard image Temporarily removed sky, clouds, and photography image sea, sky, and blue image
Fire or Air

O7. Country

canada, canadian, and july image canada, city, and flag image
Canada 🍁

O8. Time of the day

windows, house, and sun image nature image
Day (12:00 am)

O9. Weather

Temporarily removed sky, lightning, and grunge image dark and rain image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Rainy and stormy

1O. Month

may and bullet journal image flowers, may, and plans image

11. Fruit

aesthetic, apple, and apples image autumn, candle, and apple image

12. Food

boy, couple, and girl image sushi, yummy, and love image cheese, delicious, and dinner image sushi, food, and yummy image

13. Dessert

cake, food, and chocolate image food, cake, and chocolate image
Chocolate Cake 🍫🍰🤤

14. Drink

tea, aesthetic, and pink image Image removed
Pink Tea 💗

15. View

Image removed friends, forest, and photography image

16. Song

spider, alternative, and grunge image billie, billie eilish, and crown image
You should see me in a crown

I hope you enjoyed! 🖤