Hello everyone ! For today, I wanted to do a 'cooler' article, so what's better than create a character ?

If I were a witch..


Alma Hogan


23 years old


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Alma was raised by her grandma in England and didn't know anything about her powers but she always knew she was different. When she was 21, one of her cousin finds her and tall her everything about her origins. Alma is from an old Irish coven named the Thorburn line. Her mother was a powerful witch and her grandma didn't want her to be in sorcery. She moved in New Ross in Ireland and discover her powers and her coven history since then.


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Personality :

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Alma is a really quite girl, she doesn't talk unless she has something to say. She feels people. If she feel you good, she will be the nicest and sweetest person ever. If not, well don't play with her.


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She loves books, she works at a college library. Alma loves art in general and paint a lot. She loves to hang out in coffees with her friends. She still take witchcraft classes.


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Alma lives with her cousin and a friend of them


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She has a black cat named Cain


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Alma draws her power from the land of her ancestors. The Thorburn line take their powers from nature. She does a lot of potion and incantions. She is able to control elements, mostly water and wind. She's capable to have visions from her ancestors.

That's it for today, hope you enjoy it. Take good care of yourself, all the love.