Ok, are fairly common foods, but in manga version they're more invitant lol. When I was little and saw them in cartoons I always wanted to try them.

- Strawberries cheesecake

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The classic cheesecake with strawberries that there is in all manga cartoons. It's looks so inviting.

- Bento

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That's the typical Japanese packed lunch. Next to the traditional sushi or maki there are sandwiches, raw and cooked vegetables, chicken wings and other types of meat.

- Noodles

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Maybe thanks to Naruto who eats them very often, I always wanted to try them. The real ones, not the boxes you buy at the supermarket.

- Baozi

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It is a type of stuffed steamed bun. It can be stuffed with meat and / or chopped vegetables.

- Takoyaki

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These are grilled octopus meatballs in a special wheat-based batter.

- Pancakes

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I don't think that's need descriptions. These are normal pancakes that we've all tried at least once in our life.

- Dorayaki

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The typical Japanese sweets that Doraemon loves soo much.