Hello babes and happy August,

I'm here today to share with you the goals I set for the August.
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Let's get started!

1) WHI.

UPDATE: DONE (thank you so much for 23K followers).

WHI used to inspire me but as I have already mentioned, I lost my motivation to do anything on the platform,the last few weeks. However, my motivation is coming back to me the last few days and I want it to stay here. Also, I want to get 20K followers until the end of the summer.

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2) Stop buying make up.

UPDATE: It is hard but I made it and I didn't buy any make up products I don't really need.

Okay, I know that I had set this goal so many times in the past but I always buy make up. My goal is to start buying only the products I really need and stop buying any extra make up products until at the end of the year.

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3) Declutter.


This month I want to declutter my stuff. I have many things I don't use, many clothes I don't wear and many make up products I don't need anymore. This is going to be hard for me but it needs to be done.

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4) Bedroom.

UPDATE: In progress..

I also want to make over my bedroom. It needs a lot of work but I have an entire month to start getting things done.

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5) Summer.


Although the summer in Greece lasts until November, the summer vacation end in September, so, I want to enjoy the rest of the summer vacation.

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Hope you guys enjoyed and got inspired,
thank you for reading this article,
see you soon,
α n n α ✧