Ahhh my school starts in 2 days. Still can not realize it.

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Let´s just start!!!

1. What year are you going into?

So I'm going to the 12th grade of a grammar school in germany. Which is why this is my last year.
I think this is the senior year in america but I don't want to say anything wrong.

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2.What are you excited/nervous for this year?

I'm not really excited right now or anything else.
I' m just surprised that this is already my last year. I wanted so often that the school ends and now...?

3.What´s your favourite part about getting ready for back to school?


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4.What year were you when you first started wearing Makeup?

I was in the middle school in the eighth class. I started because I was humiliated in the middle of the class and so I wanted to change something. Now I just realise how stupid that was of me and how mean children can actually be.

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5.Where do you get Inspiration from?

Earlier from YouTube with all the back to school videos. But nowadays from we heart it.

6.What Subjects are you studying?

Biology and art are my main subjects beside them I take math,physic,german,english,latin,sports,geography and history

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7.What are you favourite subjects?

Biology,art, german , latin and english of Course!

8.What are you least favourite subjects?

JUST MATH! (and a Little bit history )

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9.What Kind of bag do you use for School?

I have a blue addidas backpack.

10.What are you non-beauty essentials you have in your bag?

My school supplies,my food and my phone.

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11.What are 3 beauty essentials you carry in your bag?

_I don´t take my beauty essentials with me but I have tissues,a lip cream and plaster.

12.Whar do you wear?

different. Sometimes a pair of jeans and a top. Sometimes a ripped jeans sometimes jogging pants. I also wear hoddies and sometimes tight tops. I love jackets i have every kind at home.i prefer jeans in summer and bomber jackets in winter.I love it to wear turtle neck tops with skirts in autmn.

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13.Have you ever ditched or skipped classes?

All the Music and history classes of a teacher that I hate in the tenth grade. lol but now just when I don´t want. BUT don´t do it!You shouldn´t.But if you did it then don't get caught.

14.Have you ever been in detention and why?

I don't think there is such a thing in my school.or in all of germany. Because no I was never in detention and never noticed such a thing.

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I skipp some Questions cause I think they´re unnecessary

20.Planner or unorganised?

Planner! I hate it to be unorganised.

21.Study or wing it?

I always study even for a test

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22.Homework done night before or morning of?

Neither. I always do all my homework the day i get it so nothing accumulates and i have more free time.

23.Smart or stupid as ever?

Smart but stupid as ever in Math...

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24.Like or hate school?

Hate.But I liked it but now no. I don´t want to see my fake Friends.

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25.Do you do any extra-curricular activities at school?

No but I did, table Tennis and Choir. I wanna do English but idk.

26.What is your best advice.

Do everything you want. So you don't have to say later should i have...even if you should feel alone pull your thing through and don't pay attention to your friends or teachers who say you couldn't. you can do everything you want.dreams and goals are there to hold them and stay true to yourself.

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Okay Guys that´s it!

Wish me luck for school… Im still not readyy for Monday!!!

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