Hi everyone, i am back with another article.
Today I am here to share with you this message 'cause nobody has to stop shining and I hope that with this text you understand why.

If you're reading this, I just want you to know one thing.
You're young, younger than you think and you're beautiful, more than you think.
So please, don't ruin your teenage year listening to stupid people who don't know anything about you.
You're fat, you're anorexic, you're tall, you're short, what does it matter? It really matter?
You have beautiful eyes, that someone will fall in love and beautiful hands that someone will tighter. You have beautiful hair that someone will touch you gently while you're sleeping.
So what's wrong with you? Why you say you're wrong? You're extremely perfect. Perfect for all your little defects, for all your little mistakes.
But you always think you're the worst. You wonder why you always shine less than the other and if it's worth it shine so hard even if no one sees you. And you want to turn you off, you want to stop shine. Gently you want to turn off your light.
But if all the stars would turn off their lights just because some of them shines, the sky would be a dark place, as the world without you. So please le shines. Be the star that can be seen even with the clouds. Shines because everything is dark and I need you.

They will teach you not to shine and instead you shine 🌟

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Love, Lu