hair, girl, and style image art, brown, and eye image dimple, happiness, and happy image Temporarily removed
dark brown hair, brown eyes, bushy brows, dimples, pale skin, 5´8


1800s, baroque, and france image fashion, girl, and lady image couple, dance, and elegant image art, book, and reading image
an old soul, hopeless romantic, book lover, mysterious, control freak, sarcastic, bitchy


fashion, style, and outfit image girl, jewelry, and style image fashion, art, and lipstick image Image removed
earthy tones, soft materials, oversized button ups, plaid skirts, high waisted denim, red lipstick

Blood status

harry potter and halfblood image
halfblood mother, muggleborn father


art, vintage, and harry potter image green and aesthetic image water, grunge, and sad image snake, green, and aesthetic image
slytherin: cunning, ambitious, creative, inventive


black swan, Swan, and animal image bird, black, and feather image
black swan

Favourite subjects

planet, photography, and vintage image magic, fantasy, and Darkness image
astronomy & defence against the dark arts


cat, flowers, and animal image Image removed
outdoors and cuddles loving young cat lady Artemis


Temporarily removed aesthetic, boy, and alternative image blue, fashion, and soft image aesthetic, troublemaker, and tumblr image
hanging out with Pansy, Millicent & Daphne, sharing secrets with Draco, late night studying with Cho, hardcore crushing on Ginny

Past time activities

hogwarts, photography, and architecture image winter, france, and snow image book, autumn, and fall image golden snitch, harry potter, and hogwarts image
running in the empty halls, exploring the castle grounds, struggling in the library, cheering the Slytherin quidditch team

Yule ball

dress, white, and fashion image aesthetic, black panther, and t'challa image heels, louis, and Louis Vuitton image ball, dance, and dress image
dancing barefoot to be shorter than Blaise, imagining being in a different era, leaving before the Weird Sisters start to play

After graduating

harry potter, magic, and ministry of magic image chaos, film, and hall image astronomy, model, and models image stars, aesthetic, and blue image
working a boring desk job at Ministry of Magic and leaving it to become Hogwarts astronomy teacher