I remember in psychology class, at the beginning of the school year we were asked to write down one question at the beginning of our text books and that was "Who am I?" and we had to answer it. I mean you had your basic answers "I am lazy" or "I am ambitious", "I am caring". The teacher encouraged us to write flaws too since those made us who we are just as much as the "good stuff" did.
I wrote your basic answers and even stole some from my classmates when they read them out loud. Why? Because I had no freaking idea what to write. I have no idea who I am. Flaws and all.
I know my flaws all too well but then again I don't know anything about myself. Why? Because I confuse myself just as much as the next person.
What was I supposed to write? "I am a confused teenager and all I wanna do is sleep" Of course I didn't write that, I wrote many lies that I wish were true. "I am honest" Which until a certain point I am. "I am friendly" More like I just smile and nod so I fit in sometimes. "I am out going" Well if by "out going" you mean sit in bed all day while no one texts me, then yes I am very out going.

I wish I knew how to answer to this question, but I have no idea. I just look around me while everyone has their life figured out and they have themselves figure out while I can barely figure out what time it is.
I guess that's fine right? There are plenty of quotes that tell me that this is normal. But is it really? Being 20 and feeling like you're 16? This is a good question. Why? Because some people actually have imagination and can answer it in such a beautiful way. While me on the other hand I could answer it and just simply say "I am me." Do I know who this "me" is? Nope,no idea. Will I find out? I sure hope so. I got plenty of time, right? But then again I only have just one life and I am supposed to live it to the fullest.
So I guess my question to anyone out there is "Who are you?". Are you happy with your life? Do you know what you like? Do you know your flaws? Do you accept them? Do you truly accept yourself for who you are? Or do you just go thru life like it is a blur?
Who are you?