sad new guys: this will prolly be my last article until september, bc I have sooo much to do like I will travel to Amsterdam in two weeks, attend a school abroad for two weeks and go to Austria with a bunch of friends.

fun fact here: I don't have a computer at my place, so it's kind of impossible to write articles when I am at home.

but i will come back, so don't worry.
I' am just so glad to have such wonderful friends and i am already feeling like this is the best summer of all times.

So as not to digress, let's start with an oldies playlist (which I love sm)

Such a Shame - Talk Talk

sky, rainbow, and aesthetic image car, boy, and girl image

Fade to Grey - Visage

aesthetic image stranger things, eleven, and finn image

One Night in Bangok - Murray Head

girl, book, and reading image summer, travel, and wanderlust image

In the Army now - Status Quo

couple image Mature image

Hold the line - Toto

train, bridge, and harry potter image flowers, summer, and soft image

Come back and stay - Paul Young

Image by artaangel couple, love, and film image

Darlin' - The Beach Boys

indie, tumblr, and aesthetic image plants, nature, and aesthetic image

Self Control - Laura Branigan

Best, cigarrete, and cinema image Image by Kesso🗿

Wind of Change - Scorpions

flowers, aesthetic, and cat image theme, aesthetic, and psd image

Jump - Van Halen

model image Image by artaangel

Our House - Madness

Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ alternative, fashion, and flowers image

Wonderful Life - Black

girls, nightlife, and water image film image

Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits

Image by Christine aesthetic and nature image

Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins

Temporarily removed Abusive image

Material Girl - Madonna

girl, friends, and grunge image bohemian, boho, and fauna image

Still Standing - Elton John

Abusive image love, quotes, and notes image

view my playlist on Spotify: :)

so I hope you enjoyed this one. ♡♡
Maybe I'll manage to write another article today, but i guess i have to do actual office stuff now ugh. Jk i love my Job haha.

enjoy your weekend!