I have to be honest with myself, I have done more things in the last two years than in all my 20's. I should be proud of me, I wouldn't ever have bet on me three years ago.

I did a lot of volunteering work and it actually fulfilled a lot my inner me, I understand how actually world works and it hurts sometimes seeing people suffering and having no choice.
I lost all of my friends for different reasons and it caused me a deep pain but however I have learnt more of myself and I am still discovering who I want to be.
I graduated and I even if it was so hard because I didn't really like my major degree I understand what I want to study and what I don't enjoy, at least it's my hope.
I thought to have found love but it was my love, the right person to me, so now I have a trust problem.
I tryed to become vegetarian, it's so hard to not eat meat because it's basically everywhere, it's also in biscuits as lard. However I don't eat no more some types of animals and I am trying to improve this point.
I attended a lot of different courses to develop a passion and I discover I am very interest on acting, I love it and I will miss it by the time I will move on in another city where I won't be able to continue it. I also thought of doing some auditions but I was too scared not to be good enough. Nowadays all young actors seem to be perfect and very self confident so even if I wish to be like them I don't think I will become. However I did something I wanted to do so hard and I am happy of that.

Have a nice day,