My cousin is getting married in two days and I just got the invitation today. He was supposed to have his wedding in the beginning of next month, but some problems occurred.

I feel bad for not attending the wedding, but I have school and some tests that are coming up. It's on a SUNDAY! & I have a 8 am class the next day followed by tests the following day. My husband and I cannot spend extra money for traveling costs and then everything would feel like a rush after the small wedding.

Plus, we need to save up since we have our own plans next weekend for our wedding anniversary. I have to make moves responsibly, either him or I need to keep ground so we do not end up making any mistakes.

Hence, it is okay to say no to a family function, a lunch with a friend or anything that happens all of a sudden. There is no need to feel guilty about it because I am being responsible. Yes, it might sound selfish, but it is something that will make me and my husband happy for later on.