Taking the next step, post graduation is not as glamorous as it is made out to be. Everyone tells you "It is such an exciting time in your life" but reality is, it will be one of the hardest times in your life. I am a taurus and typically my sign is know to not love the idea of change. I grew up in California and now I am moving to the East Coast for school. Thats a change in itself. I also grew up always being near a beach and with the weather never getting below 65, and now I suddenly need heavy coats, thermal wear, and snow boots. Change. Leaving your life and having to start completely over always sounds like a fun idea (I know all throughout high school I couldn't wait to start over) but then reality hits and starting over is really hard. Your best friends are no longer a five minutes drive, they are a five hour flight away. The life that I made for myself is no longer my future. It is time to make new friends, and begin the rest of my life. At 18 I can tell you I am terrified at what it holds, but to whoever is reading this, sometimes change is necessary to grow up and move on.