i think i'm loosing my mind. some days ill be happy and awsome and perfectly fine. but then there will suddenly be days where i feel sad for no reason, nights when i cry just compleatly exhausted from living.

i had a dog, i would confide everything in her, tell her how my day was everyday. i never realized how much i needed to talk about my day untill i no longer had her. and then everything just became bottelled up because i didnt want to burden anyone with my emotions.

nights when i was alone in the dark silently crying at 3am feeling like no one cared and no one wanted me... those were the worst. it always broke my heart even more to think that no one knew what i was going through. or, that i shouldnt feel like that because i was supposed to be the funny weird energetic friend. the optomistic one. i had stopped caring about almost everything, my grades went down, i gave no regards for my life. i would cross streets without looking both ways just hoping a car hit me, and at night cry wishing one had.

it was awful. i hated myself. i hated who i had become. through out this, i spent all my time on social media, which only made me feel worse about myself.

my boyfriend and i talked, and he convinced me to stay away from social media, and start talking to him about anything that was on my mind. at first, it was really hard. but soon it bacame routine. i began to feel amayzing, i was happy and energetic, i was finally begining to feel like myself again.

i have also began to see a therapist again, and still dont use social media much. my mental health is doing really great, there are some random moments where i do feel sad again for no reason. but, ill be alright.