Playlist con el que quise rematar con todos los ost que me han gustado de kdramas. Gracias por pasar •♥

funny, hair, and handsome image funny, kdrama, and hair image
Ambiguous - Fight my way
Temporarily removed park boyoung, cute, and park hyungsik image
I'm in love - Strong Woman Kim Bong Soon
entertainer, ddanddara, and kdrama image Image removed
Send me pictures - Tantara
kdrama image kdrama, park seo joon, and kim ji won image
Good morning - Fight my way
pinocchio, park shin hye, and kdrama image journalism, pinocchio, and kdrama image
First love - Pinocchio
descendants of the sun image descendants of the sun image
Everytime - Descendants of The Sun‬
kdrama, wang so, and hae soo image couple, historic, and kiss image
Say Yes - Moon Lovers
descendants of the sun and kdrama image Temporarily removed
Talk Love - Descendants of The Sun
school 2015 and kdrama image asian girl, korea, and kim so hyun image
Return - School 2015
couple, lee min ki, and ji ho image lee min ki and jung so min image
I want to love you - Because it’s my first life
Korean Drama and reply 1997 image Temporarily removed
All for you - Reply 1997
kim ji won, jin goo, and descendants of the sun image Image by rx_xr
One again - Descendants of the sun
kdrama and beautiful gong shim image kdrama, bang minah, and beautiful gong shim image
My First Kiss - Beautiful Gong Shim
the liar and his lover image joy and red velvet image
Yeowooya - The liar and his lover
kdrama and are you human too image Korean Drama, quote, and kdrama image
Love - Are you human too?
kdramas and oh my venus image oh my venus image
Darling U - Oh my Venus!
cute, sweet, and kdrama image kdrama, park bo young, and park hyung sik image
Double trouble couple - Strong Woman Kim Bong Soon
kdrama and kim bok joo image asian, korean actor, and nam joo hyuk image
I will pick you - Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo
kdrama and i am not a robot image kdrama and i am not a robot image
Will you know? - I’m not a robot
kdrama, cho jung seok, and oh my ghost image Temporarily removed
Leave - Oh My Ghostess
Image removed Boys Over Flowers, lee min ho, and kdrama image
My everything - Boys over flowers
kpop, kdrama, and park bo young image
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