i'm hoping for my birthday this year i can celebrate it throwing a 2000's themed party! here are some of my ideas...


mini skirts, juicy tracksuits, dior, croptops, & louis vuitton


hello kitty, pink, and sanrio image rihanna, aesthetic, and vintage image

‣ music sounds better with you - stardust
‣ american boy - estelle
‣ can't get you out of my head - kylie minogue
‣ promiscuous - nelly furtado
‣ into you - tamia ft. fabulous
‣ face to face - daft punk
‣ i wonder - kanye


pink, cake, and cupcake image cake and food image
not actually, lol


Image removed
most likely renting a place out.


pink, 90s, and aesthetic image blonde, girl, and 90s image blue, colors, and girl image Mature image
some looks 2 maybe recreate w/ my friends

thank you for reading!