Image by Anna stars, moon, and art image

Don't look at me like I am the sun.
For when you look at the sun,
You squint and can not see its true beauty.
For when you think of the sun,
You only notice its beauty as it goes away.

Look at me as if I'm the night sky,
Complex and full of mystery.
Look at me with eyes open wide and lips slightly parted in amazement.
I am complex, but I will not cause you to go blind in my presence.
I will give you enough light to light your darkest pathway.

I will bring a cool breeze that will relax your tired bones.
I am more than just a sun.
I am a constellation, a nebula, a galaxy, and infinities that you have not heard of.
You may not understand me, but you bask in my beauty.

Do not look at me like I am the sun.
Do not notice me as I fade away.
Look and love me like I am the night sky
That still makes you feel like day.

- April