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I apologize to anyone that I have complimented because of their appearance.
I'm sorry that I was so shallow to only see that beauty.

You are so much more that your stature.
You are so much more than your hair colour.
You are more than your eyes.
You are more than your size!

You are brilliance.
You are earth-shattering.
You are brave
And everything in-between.

You are not beauty or brains.
You are beauty and brains.
You have a beautiful mind
And a heart that can not be tamed.

You are stardust, lilies, and sun-rays.
You are constellations of memories in your brain.
You are Heaven and Earth collided.
I could describe you as long walks, rainy days, and snowflakes.

Some see you and just see beauty,
But the word "beauty" doesn't even begin to describe what you are to me.

- April