Classic move. I have started the 30 Day Writing Challenge but now I decided that I'm going to put it on hold so I can start another one that (I hope) I'll stick to it.
This one is more related to the kind of writing that I like to do, so without further ado, here is day one.

The furthest away from home you have ever been

7 o’clock in the morning. It was freezing cold at the train station, everybody tightening up their coats to prevent the heat from escaping, while dozens of breath vapor were coming out of their mouths as they would exchange words. My family and I were getting in the train, a whole new experience, excitement filing up in our cabin and I just could not let go of my camera. The trip was unique, passing by wooden areas, mountains and even over rivers. Every moment captured in a photograph and registered in my memory.

mountains, train, and trip image

Entering the town I could see the houses, the colonial architecture taking place in the view getting illuminated by the sunlight that seemed to warm up everything. We were starving, it was lunch time and the perfect restaurant was conveniently on the other side of the road where the train has stopped. The place looked like it had come out of a movie, a peaceful stream surrounded the restaurant and the most green grass I have ever seen, was the ideal place to rest our legs before eating.

grass, palm trees, and sun image

After walking through the town we got ourselves a minivan and drove to another town that was close, once we got there we went to the local aquarium, it was in front of a large sidewalk that looked more like a square, placed by the beach and the docks, with some palm trees to complete the look, as the sunset started. We saw all the beautiful animals at the aquarium, and even got the chance to learn new facts. In the night, as we were driving back home, we stopped at a side road establishment to eat some burgers and soon we were back on the road, a good song playing on the radio, the traffic lights illuminating the path and a smile on my face, it was the best way to end our trip.

beach, landscape, and sunset image aquarium, blue, and fish image aquarium, blue, and fish image blue, car radio, and car image

PS: all the pictures are from the trip, therefor, they are mine, so go give them some love ♥