Some Kpop Idols as aesthetics (Girlgroup version)

Nayeon - Twice

disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image mirror, vintage, and girly image hair, headband, and pearl image Image removed

Jeongyeon - Twice

dog, puppy, and cute image coffee, food, and aesthetic image beige, coffee, and aesthetic image Image removed

Momo - Twice

shoes, vans, and pink image balloons, pink, and outfit image red, fruit, and raspberry image Image removed

Sana - Twice

aesthetic, Dream, and pretty image Image removed beautiful, dress, and flowers image pink, candy, and cotton image

Jihyo - Twice

Image removed autumn, fall, and leaves image Image by Feeling yellow, sunflower, and flowers image

Mina - Twice

aesthetic, anime, and pink image aesthetic, brownie, and chocolate image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Dahyun - Twice

Temporarily removed theme, heart, and aesthetic image Image by Jess Chaos candy, food, and jelly beans image

Chaeyoung - Twice

Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, red, and paint image strawberry, food, and fruit image pink, aesthetic, and glasses image

Tzuyu - Twice

Image removed lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image Image removed coconut, food, and fruit image

Somi - Soloist

balloons, party, and inspiration image Image removed drink, party, and friends image closeup, confetti, and floor image

Rosé - Blackpink

Image removed guitar, music, and photography image yellow, flowers, and rose image coffee and drink image

Jisoo - Blackpink

aesthetic, beauty, and pastel image flowers, pink, and vintage image Image by 🍡🍙🍈🩹 anime, aesthetic, and sleep image

Jennie - Blackpink

rain, light, and aesthetic image angel, aesthetic, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It pink, lipstick, and aesthetic image

Lisa - Blackpink

orange, green, and fruit image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed

Hyuna - Soloist

summer, carefree, and pool image firework, fireworks, and fun image Temporarily removed bubblegum and vintage image

Solar - Mamamoo

clouds, sky, and aesthetic image tattoo, sun, and yellow image Image by •°shey°• beach, couple, and summer image

Moonbyul - Mamamoo

yellow, aesthetic, and guitar image chocolate, desserts, and food image book, flowers, and pink image book, library, and vintage image

Wheein - Mamamoo

Temporarily removed flowers, journal, and yellow image aesthetic, art, and book image Image by Alma Rosa

Hwasa - Mamamoo

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed red, heels, and aesthetic image Image by springkg

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