It was different. It was special. It was something I will never be able to put into words, ‘cause you have to experience certain things in order to understand them fully.
When you looked at me it was like you knew every single detail, every single thought, every single emotion of mine. I didn’t need words to explain myself. You didn’t need words to explain yourself. Everything was in our eyes, in our glances. Glances of two who look deep inside of each other. I could see myself in your emotions, in your feelings. Did you see yourself in mine?

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It would have been different if only we used words. Maybe now we would talk. Maybe now we could even kiss. It's always so hard to talk openly about what we feel. I should have told you what I felt for you. I love your eyes and the way you look at me, I love your mind and the way it seems to be so deeply connected to mine. I love that we don’t know that much about each other, however, it feels like we know everything. We needed perhaps to be braver, because even our lips, just like our eyes, needed to touch each other in order to make us come true.

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Now I'm afraid to let you go, to put you between the things that once hurt me but don’t anymore cause I got over them. I'm afraid of feeling nothing seeing you, that my heart won't tighten in that painful yet wonderful grip of your gaze. I'm scared that your presence will be just like anybody else’s. You're not anybody else. You are you. And anyone else’s eyes will never compare to yours. No one will be able to make me feel this way just by looking at me. Someone else’s eyes will not look at me like that. This will always be your thing. And I know, that despite all, even I will always, always, be yours.

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