A true best friend does it all: They laugh with you, cry with you, support you through the toughest of times and will always keep your deepest, darkest secrets safe––even the really embarrassing ones. So why not treat your #1 to a little something that’s just as special as they are?

In honor of International Friendship Day, we rounded up a few of the most thoughtful BFF gift ideas out there. Because you know as well as we do, they certainly deserve it.

Pocket Sized Friendship Book

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Shop: Why You’re My Bestie by Knock Knock, $9

A pocket-sized friendship book with fill-in-the-blank lines, so you can describe to your bestie––in your very own words––just how special they are.

Friendship Bracelets

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Shop: Friendship Bracelets by Madewell, $12.60

Matching friendship bracelets that are so cute, we won’t judge if you keep them both for yourself.

Glossier Makeup Bundle

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Shop: The Makeup Set by Glossier, $40

Three iconic makeup staples from Glossier = one very happy bestie.

BFF Earrings

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Shop: 14K Itty Bitty BFF Stud by Zoe Chicco, $135

Worth the splurge: This sweet and petite BFF stud earring is made from real 14K gold, meaning it’ll last a lifetime.

Homesick Candle

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Shop: Summer Camp Candle by Homesick, $29.95

For the reminiscent friend, Homesick offers a variety of scented candles inspired by nostalgic moments in time.

Monogram Journal

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Shop: Anthropologie Monogram Journal, $18

Because who doesn’t love personalized stationery?

Instax Phone Case

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Shop: Photo Frame iPhone X Case by Instax, $20

Go the extra mile by sliding a cute picture of you two into the back of this iPhone X photo-frame case before gifting it to your BFF.

Wireless Headphones

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Shop: Wireless Ear Bud Headphones by Urban Outfitters, $30

These super-affordable headphones are wireless, so you can listen to your favorite new album or podcast together. Awww.