Hey guys! I thought about adding new ideas for summer dates this year so here you go! You can do these things with your boyfriend, girlfriend or even your friends. Hope you like them💛

  • out door movies or drive thru movies
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  • hiking or walking trails
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  • weekend trips
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  • movie night or watch a netflix series together
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  • day at the beach
beach, couple, and summer image Image by Katelyn Pugh aesthetic, beach, and couples image beach, couple, and water image
  • do a sport or physical activity
couple and girl image couple, love, and Relationship image couple, love, and goals image abs, blonde, and body image
  • spa day
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  • go out to eat together
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed breakfast, color, and couple image pizza, love, and couple image
  • hang out with another couple or friends
summer, girl, and beach image summer, beach, and vintage image friends, friendship, and bff image summer, friends, and pool image
  • create a treasure hunt around to places you’ve been or mean something to ye
alternative, amazing, and art image flowers, green, and aesthetic image flowers, orange, and bouquet image coffee, drink, and milk image
  • chill at home and build a fort to sleep in or have a picnic in
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