Well here I am, here I'm sitting in the room with my headphones because hearing all those arguments makes me even worse... Last two days I thought that I was getting better and that I can be happy. But I was wrong. It was just a temporary energy that made me really happy. Yeah and I cried ten minutes ago, because I had enough of everything. So most of the time I just want to e alone in my imaginary life, because every time when I go outside it just feels wrong and me being outside with group of people makes everything even worse, because I don't know how to communicate with others I just feel no in the right place, I'm always the quiet one. Me being in this world isn't right. I know that I should be dead instead.

I'm tired of feeling this way. I just want peace. But there is only negativity around me. So why do I have to be here and make others feel what I feel?

It strange that cutting myself feels better, I promised so much people that I'll stop it, but I just can't. And I have broken this promise too many times. And now all those people don't even know about my certain cuts. And it's okay, in this way they don't worry about me and they feel good. And I want to cut myself right now so so so bad, but I can't.

Maybe I should just be dead.
Maybe I should just let everything free.
Maybe I should just stop breathing.
I just can't take it anymore.
It just hurts so much.
And it breaks me.

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