NAME:Caterina Park
Stage name:Katy
Alias:kitty,kat,katy-chan,kittykat,noona,royal maknae,wonder katy,principessa,italy,satan
Position:main rapper,main dancer,vocal,face of the group and maknae
Age:14 at the debut,19 now
Birthday:1 May 2000
Labels:SM entertainment
Blood type:0 negative
Zodiac Sign:taurus


tumblr and ulzzang image piercing and nez image aesthetic, dimples, and girl image eyes, eye, and blue image
long(for now)brown hair,piercing at the right side of her nose,dimples on the cheeks and partial heterochromia on her right eye(half blue and half brown,while the one on the leftis totaly brown)


sarcasm image sarcasm, quotes, and sunshine image Image removed girl, feminism, and quotes image
very sarcastic but she always take care of everything and everyone


-she did an audition for YG,JYP AND SM but in the end she choosen SM
-she was the last one to join Angels and she trained four years at SM
-her older brother is Jay Park(they have the same father but a different mother)
-the one who cooks breakfasts and dinners because she is a GREAT chef
-proud to be italian
-cries when someone tries to cook italian foods because the aren't good
-when she came in korea she wasn't able to use the chopsticks
-even if now she can use them she still prefer the fork
-she have a macthing tatoo and rings of superman and wonder woman with her brother
-biggest marvel,Harry Potter and dc fan
-the scariest when she get angry
-she and ten from NCT and WayV won hit the stage
-she collects everythings:snowballs,plushies,hats ans socks
-she loves socks so so much
-she also love cats and pandas so much
-she have a cat named grey because of it color and a dog named fox because it look like one
-she gives a name to everything:foods,objects,animals,part oh her body like pimples and skins moles
-her favorite color is purple
-she is afraid of dark,thunderstorms,heights and insects
-yeri of red velvet is her best friend
-hate and love relatioship with haechan of nct
-CL is her idol and she almost died when she met her
-so musch sarcasm with this one,daughter of satan because she always make fun of her unnies and tease them
-but when is the time she is very serious and calm
-share one brain cell with Aria because they are married and stupids
-draw like a god and in love with art especially italian arts
-best rapper and dancer in the world
-amazing singer
-very very good with kids
-mcdonald lover
-miss italian foods and the bidet
-the funniest gril in the world
-make everyone laughs
-always makes fun of her because she gesticulates like an average italin(wich she is)
-very affectionate and into cuddles
-since her mother is a language teacher at Rome univeristy she can speaks:italian and korean(obv)english,spanish,french,some japanese and russian
-curse in italian and english
-mino of winner always takes photos of her
-english conversations with Aria
-her roomate is Lyn and they always sleep in the same bed
-a walking meme and always refering at some vines
-a natural aegyo because is very cute
-confident and introverted
-vernon of seventeen and yeonjun of txt have a crush on her
-changbin of stray kids thinks that she is really cool
-zico is like a brother to her and she call him oppa like she do with jay
-she have a collab with taeyeon of SNSD,with G dragon,with zico,two with her brothe,with mino of winner and she appappear in some of her brother and zico video clips
-fans ship her with Mark of NCT and Jungkook of BTS


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Image by Debruno fashion, style, and outfit image unif image Temporarily removed
Image by AaaMmmmuuuNi dress, fashion, and outfit image aesthetic, asian, and beautiful image Image by Tahire62
red carpet/awards
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, black, and grunge image
outfit image Temporarily removed
fashion, clothes, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

besides SM groups and the aomg

zico and block b image aesthetics, artistic, and winner image edit, filters, and kpop image Image by babydoll hiphop, jessi, and kpop image girl group, idol, and JYP image
zico,mino(winner)hyuna,gdragon,jessi and dahyun(twice)


colorful image art, girl, and painting image girl, bike, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
collections(especially of strange socks)draw,bike rides and cooking



Temporarily removed asian, couple, and korean image girl, ulzzang, and friends image asian, ulzzang, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed tumblr, ulzzang, and girls korean image


mark, mark lee, and nct image love, quotes, and crying image couple, aesthetic, and kiss image I Love You, mots, and words image
she have a secret relationship of one year and six months with Mark Lee