How y'all doing??
So, I just want to talk to you about something I think is really important. Something I learned in my life and something I wish everyone knew and could do. So, I just want to talk to you about that. Help y'all, because I know that every one of you will need this at least once in their lifetime

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So, I guess by now you know what I want to talk about...and if not...what the heck.
Alright, no. I want to talk about giving up. Giving up in hard situations, giving up on others but mostly, giving up on yourself.

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You know what, heck, life is hard. Life tries to pull you down every chance he gets. Dammit. But you know what. YOU should pull back harder every time again and again. We are not going to let others, or life ruin our life. I mean, who do they think they are??

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So, let me tell you a beautiful, sad story. As a 7-year-old, I moved to the Netherlands with my parents and sister, as refugees of course. I was young so I didn't really care. I made friends really soon and I didn't want to leave the Netherlands anymore. But guess what, they didn't want us. After 7 years of different procedures with all a negative outcome, we were one way or the other, still in the Netherlands. I mean, isn't that a miracle itself? Imagine getting a negative outcome on all your procedures, all the reasons you had to stay in the Netherlands? Ignored. "It's safe in your country," they said. "You have to go back," They told us. We have been fighting for 7 years, 7 years to stay and build a future in the Netherlands. And those 7 years haven't been easy. Heck no. But let's focus on the particular end of those 7 years.
After 4 years in the Netherlands, getting older and wiser, I started to notice things. People were harsh. The world wasn't that lovely place I imagined. It wasn't a place where everyone would help others and everyone was nice to each other. Heck no. But you know what I also saw?
Every day, I would wake up at 7, to get ready for school. But one day, I looked out of the window and saw 3 black busses. 12 men standing next to them. Before I knew I saw one of my friends being carried away with the rest of her family. Such a nice experience. Kidding.
This happened more often. More and more.
One day I was brushing my teeth and I heard loud knocking on the door. "Oh god... not us, it couldn't be." I ran to my mom, asking whether it was our door. Thankfully it wasn't. It was our neighbours though...Shivering of fear I walked out of the door to go to school. Walking past the scene. Walking past the busses. 3 busses. 12 men. For a family of 4, the parents and 2 little kids. Just like criminals, don't you think?
I went to school, telling my friends what happened, almost crying. Every day again. Every morning I woke up, scared that those 12 men would be standing in our room that day.

And that day came. It was very special though. I had had a very rough week with almost no sleep. But that night, I slept for a long time, I slept better than I had for the past 2 weeks. I also woke up happy, not something that would happen often. I was so excited for that day because our school had organized a special activity and I was going to help. But then, before I knew it, 12 men were standing in our room. Secretly I texted my tutor what was happening and asked her to tell my friends I loved them and texted other people who could help us let them know what happened. Not much later we were sitting in those awful busses. Going to a detention centre. I hated everyone. I remember thinking, what if a car bumped into the bus. So hard that we all would die, that would be better then be sent back to where I came from. I was so desperate. I wanted to go to school. See my friends. Hug them. Tell them how much I loved them.

When we arrived there we had a conversation with a man. And seriously, he was so rude. I just wanted to slap him. But he basically told us that we would fly back in precisely 7 days, the tickets were already booked.

Oh did I tell you they didn't have the right to arrest us and bring us to that detention centre because we still had procedures going on? No? Well, you know that now.

At the meantime, my classmates had heard what happened and my tutor had contacted our lawyer.

My lawyer made sure there came an emergency lawsuit. And that lawsuit came. But until the lawsuit, we had a lot of other conversations with all kinds of rude people. Who told us to give up, and who told us that we couldn't do anything anymore. Again and again, we heard, give up. Give up. And guess what? We didn't.

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There were also a lot of nice people in that detention centre by the way. Who I am still very thankful for. They were realistic but they tried to help us as much as possible. One man especially, he came and played with my sister, he made sure my friends could come and visit me and could stay as long as they wanted. They hated the men who arrested us and the people we had conversations with. They worked at the same place but were basically enemies...

So, the lawsuit came, on Friday. Our tickets were booked for next Wednesday. And guess what, the same evening after the lawsuit we heard we won. They would let us go, the same evening another bus came to take us out of that detention centre. But of course, it couldn't be easy.
We couldn't go back to the place we lived before. We were sent to the other side of the country. Of course, we were happy to get out of that detention centre, but why would the send to the other side to the country?! I had all my friends back there, my school, friends, acquaintances...
And again...I was standing on a point of giving up. Everyone told us it was not possible to return to where we lived in the first place.
And guess what? I was able to restore my hope and we didn't give up. And guess what? With the help of my friends, tutor, acquaintances and many others we were able to come back home. Back to my friends, back to my school, back to everyone I loved.

Now we are 2 years further, 9 years in the Netherlands. And we heard that we can stay in the Netherlands! Isn't that amazing? But again I am standing on a point where I am losing hope and I want to give up.
But I am not gonna do that. Because you know what? I'll keep fighting. To get what I want. And you should too! I know that it is hard. I KNOW that. But you have to try.

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So, y'all don't you dare give up! Whatever happens, keep going. Later, looking back at it, you'll be happy you didn't give up. I believe in you. Restore your hope, believe in yourself and never give up. Because everything is possible.

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(Sorry for any grammar/type/other mistake. I am too lazy to check it now XD)