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I already made 3 article for my favorite LGBT characters in anime I will link them in the end of this article. I love make a list with for a of my favorite LGBT character in series and movies as well.

Maxxie Oliver - Skins (UK)

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He was one of my favorite character of the first gen and he was totally open about is sexuality respect for him! He is awesome! He is a great Gay character.

Franky Fitzgerald - Skins (UK)

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I just really love her a lot in the serie. She is for sure my favorite Skins gen 3 character and I love her style.

Kurt Hummel - Glee

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He is one of the best gay characters ever. I love to re-watch Glee now it it on Netflix !

Cole Mackenzie - Anne with an E

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Cole is just a great character and also a great friend for Anne!

Robin Buckley - Stranger Things

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She is Smart, kind and funny. Perfect to me!

Emily Fields - Pretty Little Lairs

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She is so great and strong character! I love her alot!

Maya St. Germain - Pretty Little Lairs

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She is one of my favorite of Emily girlfriends too bad it end so soon! She was so nice character!

Mason Hewitt - Teen Wolf

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He is a great character and Also great friend and support for Liam!

Josh - Please Like Me

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He is so funny and also pretty relatable to me.

Clare Devlin - Derry Girls

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She is so funny and also really nice!

Maggie - Younger

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She is so great charachter. I love her more in the book but beside that she is great!

Sam - Crashing

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He is funny and sex-obsessed but we see him grow close to Fred during serie and it so cute!

Alec Lightwood & Magnus Bane - Shadowhunters

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They so great. Even Alec are totally has a trouble with accepting his seksuality at first. I still love him alot. I Also like Magnus alot!

Kevin Keller - Riverdale

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He is the perfect Gay friend! and also a great character by himself.

Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale

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She is bad ass wowan and I like her alot! She is a true queen! I love this quote: "Out of my way, Bert and Ernie"!

Casey and Izzie- Atypical

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I love them both alot! They both have a to take of their siblings and they do it so well!

Kate - Everthing Sucks

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She is a great character I like her and support her during the serie! Go for it girl!

Albus Dumbledore - Harry Potter Movies and Fantastic Beasts movies

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He is a great character alot of people look up too so do I! Albus loved Gellert he was greatest and dearest love person. Next up is a cartoon version of this!

Oliver and Elio - Call me by your name

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Even both guys handle their seksuality differently they both great characters! I love them together and they just great both of them!

Simon - Love Simon

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I love Simon as a character he is great!

Ely - Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

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He is a great character and I really like him alot in the movie!
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This is the of my article. I maybe make a part 2 of this not sure yet! Bye bye

My Anime LGBT character article I made: