hey love

did you miss me? probably not, but if you did welcome back. i was gone for so long because we're in the process of house hunting since we're moving back home to chicago:) hopefully when we get a house and it's all set up maybe i can do a house tour article, who knows;)

anyways, i just came home after being on 2 hours of sleep because i left chicago at 6AM and we left the hotel at 3:30AM, so that was fun. but instead of catching up on my sleep i thought i'd take some buzzfeed quizzes, so let's get started shall we...

QUIZ 1: tell us about yourself and we'll guess if you're left hand or right handed

Q: what's your favorite subject in school?
A: english
Q: which candy?
A: chocolate
Q: which fruit?
A: orange
Q: which cake?
A: dilyara garifullilna...literally looks like chocolate cake in the picture
Q: which instrument?
A: cello
Q: which house?
A: it says travel cents on unsplash...which is just like a rustic house in the city, idk look it up lol
Q: which rainbow?
A: rainbow flower

results: right handed, you're intelligent, original, and bold
thoughts: these were interesting questions, and i thank buzzfeed for telling me i'm intelligent, original, and bold, but i am actually a proud lefty

QUIZ 2: would you survive in a horror movie?

Q: your invited to party with some sketchy people from school, what do you do?
A: i respond with "sure i'll come with you guys"
Q: what's the first thing you do when you get to the party?
A: get a drink
Q: you hear a scream, what do you do?
A: run towards the scream, great idea rue
Q: the lights go out, what do you do now?
A: hide
Q: you feel a tap on your shoulder, what do you do?
A: start running
Q: the lights are back on but it's only you and someone you've never seen before, what do you do?
A: try to find another way out

results: i didn't survive
thoughts? i disagree but then again i'm lazy and would rather die then run

QUIZ 3: what's your best quality?

Q: what's for breakfast?
A: bacon and eggs
Q: what's for lunch?
A: sandwich
Q: what's for dinner?
A: fried chicken
Q: what's for dessert?
A: ice cream
Q: pick a midnight snack?
A: chips

results: sweet, everyone can count on you to make them feel better, and lighten up everyone's day with your sweet nature
thoughts? well, i try to let other people deal with their problems like adults, buuut sure, i'll take it

QUIZ 4: we'll guess your college major based on your meals for the day

Q: breakfast?
A: omelette
Q: snack?
A: smoothie
Q: lunch?
A: BLT sandwich
Q: drink?
A: lemonade
Q: afternoon snack?
A: hummus and pita chips
Q: dinner?
A: steak
Q: dessert?
A: red velvet cake
Q: midnight snack?
A: ice cream

results: film
thoughts? i actually love that idea, i have no idea what to do and the thought scares me but i've always been interesting in filming, why not?

QUIZ 5: this quiz will reveal how 90's you truly are with 100% accuracy

check off any multiple jam to your 90's playlist
A: creep
this is how we do it
you oughta know
baby got back

results: not quite 90's
thoughts? i agree actually i'm more of a 70's and 80's fan of music

QUIZ 6: which stranger things character are you based on your food choices

Q: what's your go to breakfast?
A: cereal
Q: choose a lunch
A: burrito bowl
Q: how about a snack?
A: sour worms
Q: what's for dinner?
A: bbq ribs
Q: choose a dessert?
A: sundae
Q: choose a drink
A: wine

results: dustin
thoughts? i knew i'd get that loveable doofus:)

QUIZ 7: choose 10 desserts and we'll tell you which avenger you are

Q: pick a crepe
A: chocolate and biscuits
Q: what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
A: chocolate
Q: choose a cupcake
A: oreo cupcake
Q: pick a tart
A: lemon tart
Q: what's your favorite kind of donut?
A: boston creme donut
Q: choose a traditional dessert?
A: gelato
Q: pick a cake?
A: molten chocolate cake (bonus: cold vanilla ice cream on top)
Q: what's your favorite pie?
A: mud pie
Q: choose a chocolate dessert?
A: brownies
Q: pick a cream dessert
A: ice cream

result: captain marvel, you are ambitious, forceful and adaptable. you were born a leader and value efficiency in all things. you are communicative, have a little patience and prefer to hide your feelings than wear them on your sleeve
thoughts? although i wanted captain america because he's my all time favorite, getting captain marvel was surprising and pretty cool

and those are all the quizzes i took, i learned something about myself today; i am lazy and fat. but i already knew that. these buzzfeed quizzes just reassure me of it. hope you liked this article, now go do some buzzfeed quizzes

bye love