Hello ! We meet again for a tag, but this time with a "If I were...". Feel free to pick up the themes, and... enjoy!

― A color

bts, jimin, and kpop image blue, aesthetic, and bed image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, blue, and edit image

― A season

Image by skvzmkv christmas, stars, and lights image aesthetic, beautiful, and clouds image winter, bed, and sleep image

― An element

water, aesthetic, and blue image Temporarily removed quotes, sad, and drowning image aesthetic, water, and theme image

― A country

plants, aesthetic, and seoul image aesthetic, green, and theme image Temporarily removed aesthetic, korean, and quotes image

― An animal

Image by Vicky Pérez moon, nature, and sun image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
A wolf

― A weather

epiphany, fanart, and forever rain image cloud, draw, and minimalist image quotes, flowers, and rain image Temporarily removed

― A drink

aesthetic image soft, yellow, and aesthetic image aesthetic, drink, and lemon image aesthetic, drink, and yellow image

― A song

overlay, quotes, and black image dark, aesthetic, and night image dark, aesthetic, and flowers image aesthetic, dark, and black image
혼자 Nobody knows - GOT7

― A piece of clothing

fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and black image Temporarily removed bathroom, black, and boy image
A black hoodie

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day/evening and never forget to do what you love ♡

― Loup