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name: velma henderson
age: 16 (season one), 17 (season two), 18 (season three)
height: 5'4
family: dustin (brother), claudia (mom)


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Velma has short black hair and bangs, she usually dyes her bangs red or white. Naturally her hair is uncontrollable. She is a short and stout with a curvy body. She has blue eyes and freckles as well. She gets her dark hair from her father and blue eyes from her mother.


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Velma has a couple go to picks, for one she is always wearing her white converse. She's had them since freshmen year and doesn't plan on taking them off for any other shoe. For tops she either wears a plain white or black shirt or a band shirt. She has a mixture of blue and black jeans and some plaid pants as well. Her favorite jacket is is her black jean jacket, but also owns a green army jacket she likes.


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Velma can be pretty chaotic at times, sometimes even mean. However she is only mean when someone is being misogynistic or plain old mean. She convinced that her last words will be fuck it. She can also be pretty hilarious.

her bedroom:

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Velmas room is filled with books, records, posters, and a tv to watch all her favorite horror films.

favorite tv and movies:

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Velma loves horror movies, she watches them all. One of her favorite stand alone, but also horror is the comedy Young Frankenstein. She also loves watching Star Wars with Dustin, they both agree they're amazing. Her favorite tv shows are the twilight zone and charlies angels.

favorite music:

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ramones, blondie, david bowie, and joan jett and the blackhearts


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Velma works at the local Tower Records in Hawkins.

hobbies and likes:

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arcades, drumming, horror and pizza, and rain


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Velma gets along with just about everyone, besides Billie. She hates Billie.

love interest:

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Steve "the hair" Harrington. Velma has had a crush on Steve Harrington since they met in first grade, and yet she has never acted on these feelings. In fact they almost never spent any time together until Dustin started hanging out with them. Her first longest interaction with him was when she beat him up when he broke jonathans camera. Just because shes in love with the guy doesn't mean she can't beat him up for being a dick. But, after that they became very close, she even supported him when his and nancys relationship started going south. Then they got closer. Then he confessed his feelings to Robin, so you kept waiting. It took a long time, but finally he realized what he needed was their the whole time.