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She was just a girl with fears and dreams
He took every possible way to get her out of her fears
Not that he always created an impossible path for her
or been with her by her side all the time.
But he just did what she needed.
He listened,
He listened carefully even the times when she was not speaking
Not to make a correction or to push his opinions on her
But Always tried to understand the point
And he agreed to support her

He never blamed or abandoned her
For the world which she sees inside her mind.
Yet, He helped her to heal
In a possible practical way

The way that she never has to look back again
She never has to run away from anything
Even though she falls she can rise and shine again by herself
He makes her choose the path
The path which makes sense to her along with her fears and demons
To make her believe what she needed and forget what she doesn’t
The understanding which she never has to explain herself again

She seems so fearless now from outside and inside
She can do what she meant to do
At some point, not like any other fairy tale, she was alone again
He was not there to BE with her
Inside she shuttered after he was gone

Everybody will go at some point right!

But she knows that it was okay
From inside she had her own heart
which filled by the strength of support

The strength which never makes her feel those fears again
Beliefs which doesn’t stops her again
She is not gonna be depressed
She is courageous to face her demons now
In fact, she doesn’t need him

To make her feel complete
She got all she needed from him
She got the strength to fight
She got love to pour
She is the collide stardust of
His heart and mind

- Show positivity and strength. Even though its not meant for you.

Peace - XOXO