Y'all know that I >love< creating characters and a life story for them, so here I'm doing another article to introduce you another character in a new format because I NEVER get tired of it and after seeing some @schech_ana articles about her original characters, I felt inspired and wanted to mix some information from her with some of mine.. well, I hope y'all enjoy.

some of her articles

So let's start...

Basic infos:

Daisy Vik Nielsen was born on January 7, 1997 in Bergen, Norway.
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She is a Capricorn and currently lives in East Village, New York; her close friends often call her by her second name Vik or just D.
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Appearance and Style:

Daisy has blonde hair, blues eyes and pale skin.
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Her favorite pieces are jeans, button-down shirts and/or sweaters. The overcoat is like her trademark, Daisy wouldn't be Daisy without one.
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Daisy is a clever, hard-working and determined girl who loves learning new things and never gives up.
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She's chatty and easy-going with making new friends, she can be kind and funny with someone she just met, being naive sometimes. She can be stubborn and proud at one given moment, but it will depends of her mood. Also is feminist.
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She is also a party girl who loves to drink and a good karaoke.
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Celine Elle Nilsen is her only sister, she is sixteen, it's in high school and still living with her parents in Norway. She is kind and sweet, but smart and sometimes a little suspicious.
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Moa Nilsen is her mother, she is forty five and is a pediatrician. She is kind and attentive and loves to send daily messages to Daisy reminding her how much she loves her.
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Jørgen Nilsen is her father, he is forty seven and is a maths teacher. He is sweet, funny and talktive, loves music and send snow photos to Daisy.
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Harper Lawson is her neighbor and best friend, she's twenty five and has a beautiful six years old daughter named Rose (who is her best friend too).
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Shawn Bea Hederson is also her neighbor, she's twenty-two and is in photography college. Shawn is a big movie enthusiastic and doesn't leave home without her 'vintage camera' -as Daisy often calls it.
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Thomas Hawkins is Daisy's boyfriend. He's twenty-three and is in literature college.
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They met during the flight, for her it was the arrival in New York and for him it was the flight back home.
Daisy shivered a little and tried to distract herself by reading Pride and Prejudice. Thomas, discreetly watching her hands shake, engaged a conversation about the book, easily distracting her from nervousness -even without knowing what it was about.
After a few minutes of talking and discovering that the girl was moving to 'his area', he offered to be her tour guide; "Well, I know New York as the back of my hand and I really promise that I'm no psycho or crazy. If you want, I let you call my mom and sisters to check my life history."
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In the beginning their relationship grew as a genuine friendship, discovering each other a little more and becoming more and more comfortable calling at dawn to whisper secrets or admit fear of life changes.
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However, the initiative to take the whole relationship to another level was taken by Daisy, after a karaoke night, where Thomas was her duo - singing amazingly well -, the girl had her heart racing and a few butterflies in her belly every time her eyes met his.

After the long walk on the streets of East Village, between conversations, laughter and murmurings of forgotten letters, the couple finally arrive at Daisy's building.

The sounds of the city being their soundtrack and the few stars shining in the dark night sky being their backdrop, they still face each other at the entrance to the building.

— The night was fun — Daisy confesses.

Thomas agrees silently with a shake of his head. Then, without much thought, just following her heart, Daisy comes over and kisses him and even being caught off guard, he matches the kiss.

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Daisy moved to New York to study psychology.
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To help her parents with college and apartment expenses, Daisy got a job at a coffee shop, getting extra money for singing on weekends.
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Music is one of her favorite hobbies, so Daisy without humming or starting to play guitar at a party is not Daisy.
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Her craze for constantly photographing the moments came from family, during parties, trips and outings Daisy holds this memory of seeing one of her parents pointing cameras at them, recording every second. And it also has a little influence from her friend Shawn, who is a photographer.
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Cooking was something the girl learned while still living in Norway, but especially after moving to New York. Making quick snacks and healthy foods is her specialty, and it improves her mood (her friends approve her cooking skills).
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  • Halfway to Nowhere - Chelou
  • A Letter to My Younger Self - Ambar Lucid
  • Baby I'm Your - Barbara Lewis
  • It's Always You - Chet Baker
  • Body and Soul - Billie Holiday
  • Sing - She & Him
  • He Gives His Love to Me - She & Him
  • Rosylin - Ben Pellow

Wow, that was long one, huh? I'm sorry, I love to add small details and make it a little more real, I hope you have achieved this effect.

Daisy is inspired by Noora, which is pretty clear hahaha.

Anyway, it took me two days to make this article...

I hope you enjoyed and feel free to do something similar, just don't forget to give the credits.

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