I wanted to share how to play Shoebox Telephone according to the book that I own. I'm sure if you searched the game online, you would find other instructions or one very similar to mine. I took the instructions from the book and made them easier to understand, as seen below.

The game is simple. You only need one person.
List of items needed:
+ a paper cup
+ a shoebox (any size is fine, don't worry if your box is small or big)
+ a pen
+ paper (any is fine. I prefer using a legal pad because of space it provides to write more.)
+ scissors
+ string that is about 2 to 4 feet in length
+ a charged object, particularly one that had meaning to the person you are trying to connect to
+ sewing needle
+ a closet

After your day is completely over, turn off your computer, cell phone, TV, etc. Your lights may stay on, but any electronics or other disturbances must be turned off. Take your pen and paper and write a letter to the person you wish to speak to. Do not mark out any mistakes while you write. You must keep the letter as authentic as possible. Address the person directly. Politely tell them why they should call you back. Be honest with them. After all, you would want honesty, too. After you write your letter, begin putting the telephone together.

Take the thread and put it around or through your sewing needle and push it through the bottom of the paper cup. Tie the string off inside and remove the needle. (It should be just like the telephones you possibly made as a kid with the string running through.) Tie the other end of the string to the charged object. Put the charged object into the box and pick up the cup. Read your letter (mistakes and all) into the cup exactly as it says. Be sincere. Then, place the letter inside the box along with the charged object and close the lid of the shoebox. DO NOT seal the box. Just put the lid on gently. Place the paper cup on top of the box with the string coming out to give the phone more freedom to move and put it in a closet. Put the scissors down next to it. (Closets or spaces similar are preferred because it mimics a phone booth.)

Now go to sleep. The ringing or sign to answer should come to you in the form of a dream. It may take a couple of nights. However, if you do not receive anything by the fourth night, that means that the person does not wish to speak to you. In that case, snap (or cut) the string that connects the charged object to the phone. Seal the box and do not open it again for several months (after 7 or 8 months, you should be fine but an exact time limit is not given). Burn the paper cup.

However, if the sign comes, get out of bed and answer the phone. Do not turn on the lights. Do not speak. Just go to the phone. Get in your "booth" and close the door. Look for red flags: if the paper cup is knocked over or if the shoebox is open. If either (or both) have occurred, snap or cut the string and dispose of both objects according to the instructions previously mentioned. If there are no red flags, you may continue the game.

Sit down in your "booth." Put the paper cup to your ear and cover the other. Listen closely. It may be hard to hear for some, but it may come easier to others. Do not say anything. You had your say when you wrote the letter. Even if you are prompted--asked a question or otherwise--do not say anything. Once you feel the call is over, snap or cut the string and seal the box. You can do this if you also feel that the call should end early.

Also note:
+ If you feel uncertain or nervous during the process or the call, do not proceed. This could lead to dialing the wrong number.
+ Dialing the wrong number is not common but can happen. In that case, cut/snap the string and seal the box. Burn the cup. The good thing: there have been no reports of things coming through.
+ Do not attempt to play too often or call someone too often. Let them rest. But calling too often can also lead to someone or something else to answer instead.

Have fun playing!