NAME:Haruno Nanami
Stage name:Nami
Alias:nana,unnie,nami-san,nami-chan,noona.karate kid,senpai/unnie senpai(these two from katy)
Position:lead rapper,vocal,dancer
Age:15 at the debut,20 now
Birthday:12 October 1999
Labels:SM entertainment
Blood type:AB
Zodiac Sign:libra


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cherry dyed hair(for now) and septum


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in love with dogs and anime and so so done with the shit of her members


-she trained at SM for five years
-she came to seoul when she was nine
-she loves dog so much and she have one named lucky
-loves anime and manga,her favorites:attack on titan,my hero academia,naruto,death note,mermaid melody,meow meow and one piece
-have two golden fishes named sushi and sashimi
-very very good at aegyo but doesn't like to do them
-says she doesn't look good in red but she is gorgeous
-hard worker level 132989
-black karate belt
-really strong
-likes to call lyn unnie even if they have the same age but lyn doesen't mind it
-collects hats because she loves them and she always wearing one of them
-a morning person
-she takes photos of her members
-she is a fan of melanie martinez and billie eilish
-really loves to eat anything if it's good
-likes the smell of gasoline and rain
-she doesen't raise her voice during argument
-so so pale that she looks like a ghost
-surprisingly likes skin ships and cuddles even if she deny it
-hardly blushes
-really likes to read manga and play video games
-do the makeup for the girls
-she likes winter and long walks on the beach
-she is lactose intolerant
-really good with children
-rap battle with katy
-always keeping an eye on their maknae
-biggest BTS fan
-she have a crush on suga and she admitted without problems
-she went at a BTS concert in seoul with the girls
-doesn't likes dramas
-she loves slimes and asmr videos(not those of Lyn and Katy)
-sushi lover and she always make it for her members
-baddas rap line with katy
-she have an older sister named Fuyumi and three nieces:Natsuo,Akane and Joji
-her favorite color is blue
-she likes metal music
-she speaks japanese and french
-che can't understand a word in english but she tries with the help of Aria and Katy
-she is a very sporty girl
-can't walk with heels
-her roomate is Aria
-likes to write haiku and she is really good at it
-alway dye her hair
-can't draw and that make her very sad
-when she was little she dubbed hippo from mermaid melody and taruto from meow meow
-so done with the shit of her members
-always face palming
-pretend to be serious and cold but she is a cutie
-cold on the outside warm on the inside
-acts like she doesn't care but she care
-alaways make fun of Aria with Katy
-shitty and dead humor,jokes always at the worst time
-never gettin frustrated
-a very serious girl
-she have a collab with bobby of ikon
-great and mean great singer
-baddas rapper on the stage
-afraid of ducks and clowns
-donghan from jbj and rowoon from sf9 have crush on her
-fans ships her with Lucas from NCT and Daniel from Wanna one


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red carpet/awards
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outfit, style, and fashion image casual, fashion, and girl image


besides the SM groups

Image by SuDak_Neo 💙💚🍑 kpop, twice, and sana image momo, hirai momo, and momo hirai image handsome, bambam, and spinning top image bobby, Ikon, and jiwon image Image removed
daniel(wanna one)sana,mina and momo(twice)bambam(got7)bobby(ikon)


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change hair and nails colors,photography and anime



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