I've decided to put together just a couple cute simple goals that I want to strive to achieve for this upcoming school year!

1.) Growing a pair and wearing whatever the heck I want with confidence

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I've always admired girls who dress in clothes they think are cute and don't care about what anyone else thinks of their outfits. This may sound cheesy but fashion is such a great way to express your personality and can be the reason you meet new people and make new friends--life's too short to be afraid of being judged on your sailor moon shirt know what I'm sayin.

2.) Studying Habits

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Finding study buddies in each class, cool study places, updating important dates in my calendar two weeks in advance, waking up early, preparing clothes and school materials the night before.

3.) Reading more books in my free time (its not just a summer thing)

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4.) Ask questions when you have them and answer questions when you know them- don't be shy

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5.) Even a soft smile goes a long ways.

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Smile at the cute boy in your class or even just a stranger on the street, but any kind of smile can go a long ways.

This school year I want to radiate confidence. It's time I learn to fully love who I am inside and out! I know how hard it can be to accept yourself for who you are (especially in today's society) and of course this isn't an easy thing to do, like anything else in life it will take time, but eventually it will become a little less scary and easier to do.

Good Luck to ..well anyone who needs it =^.^= ,