Heyaaa, How y'all doing?? I am...bored. And I saw an article from... They took 50 Buzzfeed quizzes and shared their results, so I guess that's what I am gonna do right now... but...I am gonna change the 50 into 20 because to be honest...I don't have that much patience. XD


1. Which Career Will You Have?

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2. Plan Your Dream Wedding And We'll Tell You What You Should Major In

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3. Which Disney Creature Are You Most Like?

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Ray You are the ultimate friend! You will do anything for your friends. You go along with their crazy plans and you cheer them up whenever they are feeling down.

4. Which Taylor Swift Single Are You Based On The Items You Get From Urban Outfitters?

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"The Archer" You're a sensitive individual, and you're very wise.

5. Which Type Of Paper Are You?

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Card Stock. You're stronger than most, and you understand your weaknesses.

6. Can We Guess Your Soulmate's Name?

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7. Choose Some Foods And We’ll Tell You Where You’ll Meet Your Soulmate

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School Get ready to do some serious learning (and maybe some flirty note-passing) with your soulmate!

8. Order Starbucks AND McDonald's, Then We'll Guess Your Boob Size

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D Your boobies are beautiful and hella useful. They're the perfect surface for balancing a bowl or coffee cup. Plus, they’re straight-up fun to touch. Not in a sexual way, just in a didn’t-notice-I-was-holding-my-boobs-while-watching-TV kind of way. They’re sexy and comforting! AHAHAHAHAHAHHA

9. Spend A Day At The Mall And We'll Tell You If You're An Old Soul Or Young At Heart

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You're an old soul You've experienced lots of different things and have the kind of wisdom that makes you mature, logical, and practical. But that doesn't mean you don't like to have fun!

10. Choose Between These Chocolate And Vanilla Foods And We’ll Tell You Where You’ll Be In Five Years

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You'll start a new job If you're ready for a career shake-up, you don't have to wait long! Maybe you'll get a promotion or you'll find yourself entering a brand new career field. No matter the reason, you'll find your new job very fulfilling!

11. We Know Who You Are In Your Friend Group Basted On Your Taste In BBQ

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The ring leader Everyone in the group looks up to you. You're the glue that holds the crew together! Sometimes it's a lot of responsibility for everyone to be leaning on you when it comes to making plans, but you don't mind being in control.

12. Can We Guess Which Social Media Platform You Use The Most?

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Snapchat Your favorite social media platform is Snapchat! (I don't have Snapchat lmaoo, if I would it would be the social media platform I would use the most tho)

13. Eat Your Way Through A Breakfast Buffet And We’ll Tell You Which Of The 6 Personality Types You Are

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The Adventurous Type You're ALL about thrilling journeys. You love not knowing what's going to happen next, but you can always count on being surprised and often amazed by what life throws at you. You can be a bit dramatic and unpredictable, sure, but you're never, ever boring.

14. Believe It Or Not, But We Can Totally Guess Your First Name

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Alyssa or Josh (Yeah, no, Not even close.)

15. Will You Ever Find Love?

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You'll be in love someday Congrats! You'll be in love. It may be this year, next year, or even sooner!

16 We Know The First Letter Of Your Significant Other’s Name

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C, F, N, W, Z, Y, or K

17. Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Guess Your Favorite Summer Activity

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Having a Picnic

18. Make Some High School Decisions And We'll Tell You Whether You'll Have A Summer Love

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You'll find love this summer This summer you're going to experience a passionate and fiery love! There's no telling whether it'll last forever, but try not to think about the future and just enjoy.

19. How Basic Are You?

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Super basic. You're super basic!

20. We Know If You Have A Chance With Your Crush From Your Answers These Questions

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There's a high chance! Yes. Yes. Yes! You and your crush make a very good couple! Next time you talk to them, observe their body language — they might be into you! But good relationships blossom when both partners show their affection, so don't make this a one-sided relationship!

Well, thanks for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it :)