So, I'm gonna rank what I think were the best comebacks (and debuts) of this year so far. I won't explain why I ranked the songs, because the answer is always kinda the same. Enjoy :)

20 Me - CLC

cube, gg, and yeeun image seungyeon, clc, and kpop image clc, 오승희, and k-pop image elkie, clc, and 엘키 image

19 Dalla dalla - Itzy

Image removed itzy and dalla dalla image itzy, ryujin, and kpop image lia, itzy, and yeji image

18 Birthday - Somi

somi, kpop, and ioi image birthday, somi, and debut image birthday and somi image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

17 I'm so hot - Momoland

yeonwoo and momoland image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed eunwoo and momoland image

16 Me & You - Exid

kpop, le, and exid image me&you, hyelin, and k-pop image k-pop, me and you, and exid image me&you, k-pop, and me and you image

15 Twit - Hwasa

Image by Twice owns me fatal, kpop, and nails image hwasa, mamamoo, and twit image kpop, hwasa, and mamamoo image

14 Kill this love - Blackpink

Image removed Image removed Image removed Image by 🌙 𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞 🌙

13 No one - Lee hi

korean girls, yg, and kpop image lee hayi, leehi, and hayi image Ikon, korean, and kpop image no one, yg, and leehi image

12 Gogobebe - Mamamoo

mamamoo, k-pop, and moonbyul image girls, korean girls, and orange image mamamoo, wheein, and jung wheein image mamamoo, hwasa, and kpop image

11 Gotta go - Chung Ha

Image removed girl, gotta go, and chungha image black, day, and fashion image chungha, kpop, and Queen image

10 Butterfly - Loona

beautiful, butterfly, and gif image beautiful, butterfly, and gif image beautiful, butterfly, and gif image loona, loona lockscreen, and loona wallpaper image

9 Bon bon chocolat - Everglow

aesthetic, asian, and asian girl image Image removed Image removed Image removed

8 Fever - Gfriend

gfriend and fever season image black hair, contacts, and fansign image cactus, desert, and fever image fever, buddy, and gfriend image

7 Noir - Sunmi

sunmi, girl, and noir image sunmi, kpop, and noir image Image by Loup blue, facebook, and icon image

6 Fancy - Twice

Image removed idol, once, and twice image fancy, kpop, and mv image Image removed

5 No - CLC

clc and kpop image k-pop, eunbin, and 씨엘씨 image k-pop, 씨엘씨, and no image no, clc, and k-pop image

4 Uh-Oh - (G)I-DLE

yuqi, gidle, and song yuqi image minnie, idle, and gidle image face, idle, and (g)i-dle image korean girl, soyeon, and kpop girl image

3 Breakthrough - Twice

breakthrough, twice, and momo image breakthrough, twice, and tzuyu image breakthrough, twice, and chaeyoung image breakthrough, twice, and mina image

2 Room shaker - Ailee

room shaker, ailee, and 에일리 image ailee and room shaker image kpop, ailee, and room shaker image ailee and room shaker image

1 Snapping - Chung Ha

chungha and kpop image beautiful, we heart it, and chung ha image chungha and kim chungha image kpop girl groups, chung ha, and snapping mv image

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