yes, im back, and now with more queen content! i have picked one song from five queen albums for this post. enjoy bbs!
(did i mention i love queen? i wont stop mentioning this)

liar - (queen, 1973)

Devil, aesthetic, and purple image white, lies, and light image death, red, and neon image aesthetic, eye, and eyelashes image moon, beach, and aesthetic image quotes, Darkness, and black image

'39 - (a night at the opera, 1975)

flowers, nature, and aesthetic image boat, aesthetic, and ocean image ocean and message in a bottle image hair, vintage, and boy image architecture, city, and fancy image owl, nature, and forest image

march of the black queen - (queen ii, 1974)

theme, aesthetic, and letters image dark, black, and architecture image Abusive image water image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

sleeping on the sidewalk - (news of the world, 1977)

red, car, and vintage image aesthetic, retro, and vintage image 60s, 80s, and aesthetic image aesthetic, vintage, and Dream image Temporarily removed retro, indie, and red image

good old fashioned lover boy - (a day at the races, 1976)

diamond, aesthetic, and pink image fashion, pink, and aesthetic image Image by Emma 🥃 flowers, pink, and art image fashion, dress, and pink image aesthetic, edit, and edited image

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enjoy! thanks for tuning in :)