and just like that, her heart was broken. she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that her friends just betrayed her like that. she was a mess, sobbing, trying to explain to her friends that she didn’t understand why they were saying that and why they choose to say it this very day when they all though this since a while. the words said where cutting her skin like knives, and she didn’t know they were thinking that she was toxic. she thought they liked her, but she realized she was wrong. luckily she had her two best friends by her side, telling her that it was okay to feel like that, that she wasn’t the bad in this story. she wanted to scream, why they never said anything, she would have change a bit. she always had a hard time making friends but now she just thought that maybe, maybe she was the problem. she was the fuck up one in the group. her first love said that she regret being her first love. she felt like that one time, and, she never thought she will feel like that again.
her brother tried to make her feel better, but nothing could heal her broken heart not even the love of her brother.,
she wanted to hate them, for they did, but she could bring herself to do it. it was fucked up. “you live through the fact you judge everyone”
“i regret being your first love”
“it sit on my mind for quite some time, it was time it get out”
“it was i think”
“i agree”
she wanted to hit them, in the head, hard. she wanted them to feel her pain.
she wanted them to explain why they never said anything, that they were fake all this times, all theses memories were just fake? did they ever really liked her? was she that bad? should she be the one to say sorry?
she just didn’t want to think about it now, they just broke her, once again, she felt like shit.
her eyes, nose, and lips were red, tissues surrounding her.
she had her heart broken once again.