Hello! How was your day? This is a quick remember of how much you're an incredible human being and you deserve all the love of the world โ™ก

You seem to have rather enjoyed my last post, which was my ultimate playlist of sad songs, so I come back to you with some new songs! So... enjoy!

โ€• Red

girl, ulzzang, and aesthetic image red, shoes, and aesthetic image quotes and words image dress, red, and fashion image
bad guy - Billie Eilish

โ€• Orange

aesthetic, ulzzang, and bts image orange, fruit, and food image Image by e. aesthetic, asian, and girl image
All Die Young - Smith Westerns

โ€• Yellow

clothes, fashion, and yellow image bts, taehyung, and v image aesthetic, cake, and food image Temporarily removed
instagram - DEAN

โ€• Green

Flagged For Review plants, aesthetic, and seoul image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image aesthetic, avocado, and minimalist image
Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) - Clean Bandit

โ€• Blue

aesthetic, blue, and minimalist image wallpaper, beach, and blue image bts, jin, and jimin image aesthetic, blue, and soft image
Liability - Lorde

โ€• Purple

doyoung, kpop, and nct image Temporarily removed purple, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, eyes, and food image
Gemini - Anne-Marie

โ€• Pink

milk, aesthetic, and pink image dog, cute, and puppy image Temporarily removed flowers, rose, and aesthetic image
Unstoppable - Lianna La Havas

โ€• White

aesthetic, headers, and icons image Temporarily removed cake, white, and aesthetic image clouds, aesthetic, and white image
forever rain - RM

โ€• Black

black, dark, and aesthetic image aesthetic, black, and dark image aesthetic, beautiful, and dark image Image by R
Becomes The Color - Emily Wells

Thank you for reading, have a good listening! Love,

โ€• Loup