Ah yes morning lovely people~ Yes. Yesterday was "angel(ic)" so that means today is the opposite. If you have any suggestions of what would be a good challenge, do not hesitate to message me!

Also, if you haven't figured already, i'm doing these challenges in the way I connect the word to how I view it. Like for today, you're not going to see like mostly horns and pitchforks and fire on the girls. It's my own representation, if that makes sense.

ALso Also, for the sake of people and how they view religion and such and such, i'm just going to make the misc. picture a quote.

DAY 11 》 Devil(ish)

Devil, quotes, and deal image selena gomez, revival, and revival tour image billboard, black, and dark image selena gomez, sexy, and selena image
zendaya image zendaya image satan, black and white, and high heels image zendaya image
ariana grande, scream queens, and ariana image angel, Devil, and quotes image Image removed Hot, performance, and pretty image
Devil, diva, and lana image Temporarily removed lana, ldr, and del rey image satan, grunge, and daughter image

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