I did one of these last year and I wanted to do an updated one because I watched that Billie Eilish Interview.
Last years

Guitar solos

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This year I realized that I'm a sucker for guitar solos, they're so good. (Some of my favorites are the ones in 27- MGK and We lied to Each other- Olivia O'brien.)

This picture

nate maloley, derek luh, and skate maloley image
Nate and Derek used to close friends and they fell off so this picture is golden


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Watching the clouds are so relaxing and i'm fascinated with the sky.

My mom

azi and azlia williams image moms, azi, and azlia williams image
I love my mom more than anything.

Cute babies

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I don't need to explain that.

Road trips

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I love road trips. There's nothing better than a car nap.

That feeling when you listen to a new song for the first time and it slaps

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You only get that feeling once for a song, there's nothing that compares.

Good poetry

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I got into poetry like 2 years ago and reading a poem that I can relate to or that is simply just beautiful is so nice.

Chilling in my room listening to records

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There's something about it that's just so nice.

Micheal and Sergio's friendship

boys, chance, and drew image boys, chance, and drew image
They're so funny on their own but together their energy is just so weird and funny.

New friendships blossoming

Image by - fashion and outfits image
When you're just getting to know someone but you already know you're going to be really close.


derek luh image dimples, face, and nicki minaj image
They're adorable that's it.

Having clear skin

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My skin likes to act up and play games so i appreciate it when it's clear.

Nice hands

Image by sweet ting ❤︎ ❤︎ tattoo and brandon arreaga image
Nice hands are attractive what can I say.

Reading a good book

book, candle, and autumn image book, aesthetic, and blue image
I always feel accomplished after finishing a good book.


hijab, car, and حجاب image Image by maddyx._asetheticx
I'm learning to drive and I'm getting better and I love it.

Having freshly painted nails

nails, acrylic, and glitter image nails and beauty image
All girls know when your nails are painted you feel like a baddie.

Genuine conversations

broken, deep, and ex image
With social media and stuff it's so easy to get caught talking about absolutely nothing so it's refreshing to have serious, deep conversations.

Giving my room a deep clean

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Cleaning your room when it's messy is so nice. I like organizing stuff so I like it.

My grandma

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My grandma is hilarious and she's always been a big part in my life.

Thinking back to my childhood

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I had a great childhood and it's obviously nostalgic to think back to the simpler times.


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I love it. I'm a teen and get sucked into social media all the time I love being disconnected from my phone and technology in general.

Watching a good movie

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I remember the first time I saw the giver. I was so into the movie, it was nice to watch a movie that radiates good energy.

Hanging out with friends

girl and model image best friends, friendship, and pose image
My friends and I emit the best energy ever, and that's that.

Having a really good meal

asia, food, and noodles image bakery, breakfast, and Chicken image
I love food and when that food hitsss. oh my goodness.

Seeing pretty birds

Image removed Image by Amy Lynn
Lately I've been seeing really colourfull birds around and they're just so beautiful.
That's all I got. I haven't looked at the one from last year but from what I remember It's really different. I hope you enjoyed.
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