Hey guys,

so today I want to write about how I try to achieve my goals. No matter if you want to start a healthy or active lifestyle, creating new habits or different projects, there is always the same way to start.


Sometimes we have a vision of how we want our life to be, but we don't get up and start working for it. In this case, we need a reminder, why we want to achieve that goal. So I like to write down a list including ten reasons, why I want to accomplish that goal. You can create a dream board with different pictures as well. Every time you're in a bad mood, you can look at your list or your dream board to remind yourself, what you are working for.

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Plan out

I love to write lists and plan out something in my calendar so that I can keep an overview of the little steps on my way and follow my progress. Especially for goals over a longer period, I like to divide my goals into smaller steps. For example, if you want to be more healthy and active, you can write yourself a meal plan or a workout plan. Or if you work on a project, set yourself a plan, when you want to accomplish a certain step.

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Do it

That's the hardest step of all. You need to make the first move and start working on that goal. Keep it simple at the beginning and don't ask too much of yourself.
The most important thing is to keep going. Even if you struggle sometimes or don't achieve your smaller goals in time, don't give up! If you need some motivation, remind yourself with the list or your dream board, why you're working on that. It isn't a bad thing to struggle or fail, you just need to get up and try it again.

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So I hope that these tips can help you to achieve your goals.

_ Yours Someya _