HEllo Hello beautiful people!

I missed y'all. I hope y'all missed me too.

I brought this article to you to letchu know that ya girl is going to college!

I graduated like almost 2 months ago, on June 5th, and as soon as I graduated I went to the community college I'm attending.

I'll talk more about community college in another article if y'all are interested

I resqueted information on the major that I want to be in. I sat down with a counselor and made and Education Plan for the 2 years that I have to be there until I'm ready and meet the requirements to transfer to the University that I want. At the beginning I was so stressed and scared. You really don't know how scary it is to do college things. But then I got the hang of it and it felt great. I feel like I'm starting fresh new, like a completely new person, an adult. Which is totally weird because when I turned 18 I felt like nothing completely change until I graduated and had to embrace the college life and the responsibilities that come with it.

I feel like this is probably going to be the best experience of my life and I'll get to meet new people, which also scares me because I hate people (at least the people that studied with me in High School. Most of them were so fake). I'm not socially awkward because I talk to a bunch of people when I know they are not fake. I'm the type of person that builts a better relationship with the parents of my friends and even teachers, don't ask me 'cuz I really don't know why. I guess adult life intrigues me, and also the fact that I live like a grandma, my bedtime is 9. LITERALLY.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that yes, college is scary. But it's also a sign of change, realization, and self-knowledge and improvement.

Love y'all.

have the greatest day