As I said on my previous Friday Night Routine, I have 1 hour 30 to reach work, which means that I wake up pretty early

Waking up

I set my alarm between 5 am and 5 : 30 am. I don't like jumping from bed right after waking up, it makes me on a bad mood. I prefer waking up ealy and taking the time, than running late and spending the whole day on a bad mood.

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Since I cut my frizzy hair short, I discovered the Bed Hair, so I try to find a position where my hair can lay down a bit while I am still in bed.

I spend the next few minutes rolling in my bed, looking at the ceiling, then I decide to move.

First thing I do is to open the window to have some light and to change the air in the room, then, on my way to the bathroom, I grab a bottle of water, of 0,5 L, that I drink half of it before heading to the bathroom.


After using the toilet, I wash my teeths and start my SkinCare Routine

I did an article about it before

I usually watch somes videos, either Youtube ones or what I have downloaded on my phone, while doing my SkinCare.


I change for a music playlist to do my makeup Routine, and it's usually a random playlist in Deezer. I finish my Water bottle while doing my makeup

I use the time while I am doing my baking to go to the kitchen to make a Smoothie


I get hungry 2 hours After I wake up, but it's bad to go out without eating anything. Making a smoothie is the easiest way for me to eat in the morning.

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Kiwi (or a fruit of the season)
  • Oatmeal (I don't have a mesure, I just put what I think is enough)
  • 1/2 L of Water

Depending on my mood, I change how much water I put.

Blend !

By the time I strat Drinking my smoothie, my brother wakes up as well and just sit and talk while he makes his breakfast.
We prepare breakfast for both of us in the weekends, but during the week, we are both in hurry.

I go back to the bathroom one last time to take off the extra powder on my face and spray my facial spray. I apply Lipstick when I finish eating.


I have a dress code for work, but it doesn't mean I can't have fun styling myself

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That's usually the style I go by

I like to accessorize my outfits with Rings, EarRings, Necklaces, Watch and somes Bracelets

My current mood is wearing EarRings that doesn't look alike.One longer than the other for example or with different things hanging on. I like how it makes the outfit look so exotic.


As I said on a previous article, I have super short and wavy-Frizzy-Dry Hair.

I don't use Heat as I prefer how it looks naturaly. I don't brush it, otherwise it frizz and all the waves go away, but I just pass my fingers here and there to style it.

I don't have too many ways to style it so it's mostly just released . But I use some cute pins or hats for certain looks

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I never thought I would be this happy for hair as short as that, but I am living my best life with it. I am glad I took this step of cutting it this length

Preparing The bags

I take two bags with me to work, one with my laptop and work stuff and the other with my lunch that I prepared the day before.

I prepare a Cappuccino that I put on my mug and my food bag. I don't know what it's called, but I have those mugs you can close and take with you anywhere, and can keep the drink's temperature for a long time.

I also prepare some crispy rice waffles with cheeze and avocado that I will eat later when I will get hungry before lunch time.

I just then need to put my glasses on, my lipstick and my shoes, and I am ready to go.

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As said on my night time routine, I walk about 20 minutes to reach the subway station.

It didn't change since last time, I still play Pokemon Go while walking

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That is actually true haha
Then my work day start.

Thank you for reading this article! See you around, guys !

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